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Dark Side 2

Sometime you need to let others in the industry know, it happens to all of us. And it not only effects one but the ripples can effect thousands.

     As head of security I was informed that we had an aircraft returning to the gate with a passenger on board causing problems and was considered a security risk.
         The gate was on the other side of the airport and my only means of transport was to run, which I did. Through the glass I could see the aircraft entering the gate area. I called on the radio not to pull the jetway forward untill I was there, that message did not make it to the gate agent. By the time I arrived on the jetway the door of the aircraft was open and the agent was onboard.
       I inquired of the problem passenger and the gate agent said he bolted off the aircraft when the door opened, but he had caught up to him and told him to wait by the podium untill we could assist him. To this statement I informed him his gate was empty and the aggitated passenger was gone. To compound the situation he wasn't sitting in the proper seat so we had no idea who we were looking for.
         It took a half hour to go through the manifest and figure out the missing persons name, and during this process I made the decision to groung the aircraft untill a thourough search could be made, this would take 4 to six hours. As the bags would need to be screened and searched by an explosives dog. and all    carry-ons had to removed and hand searched. To this end we stole an aircraft going to a neighboring city and transfered all screened baggage and passengers over to this aircraft, this cut the delay down to 2 hours instead of possibly 6.  But now we had two flights facing delays of two hours or more because someone just couldn't listen. If he had stayed and we could have resolved his problem to satisfaction, only one flight would have taken a minor delay, not two. Now I was faced with the problem of dealing with our missing passenger.
      All available agents were searching all flights for the name of our runner, he was located just 6 gates down trying to board another flight to his destination. As I entered the gate the agent on duty pointed him out, I approached him and inquired his name. Confirming it was the same person I asked him why he bolted and did not follow the last agents instructions to wait. He informed me that he was claustrophobic and the last aircraft was to confining, I pointed out that he was switching from a wide body DC10 to an airbus 310 a much smaller aircraft, and that this didn't make sense. He then informed me that he believed something was wrong with the DC10 and he panicked. I Informed him that I felt because of his irrational behavior I couldn't allow him to travel that day, he was welcome to return another day when he felt better about traveling. He wasn't amenible to that idea and started to vehimently argue with me. I asked him for his ticket and in large letters wrote across the front "NOT VALID IN DESIGNATED CARRIER" and signed it. I then had his baggage retrieved and returned to him and let him know he would have to find another way across country.
      Three months later I was sitting in a courtroom 3000 miles away defending my actions against a frivilous lawsuit. After hearing both side of the case the judge dismissed the suit and recomended we might want to consider reversing the suit to retreive some of our losses.

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