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Dark Side 1

These are the dark stories, the bitching, the screaming, the customer that got too out of control.

       As the GSC on duty I was walking down the concourse when my radio sounded off. My assistance was requested at the concourse security check point. As luck would have it I was only about 200 feet away, so I was there in a couple seconds.
       When I arrived I found the CSS standing in front of a large man blocking him from exiting into the concourse. I walked up to the two men and introduced myself to the customer, now rolling his eyes up into the air. I inquired of the CSS what the situation was. And he informed me the Gentleman had over 100, CO2 cartridges in the carry on bag in his hand (why he was allowed to retrieve the bag was another matter). I thanked him for the information and turned my attention to the passenger.
       I started to explain the danger of carrying CO2 cartridges on the aircraft, and before I was through my third sentence, the passenger exploded into a tirade of more swearing than you can hear in a truck stop in a day. Now I am 6'1" and this guy towered over me. He was leaning down right into my face and yelling so loud I almost got rattled. But then in the process of his screaming he started spraying spit into my face. Now this ticked me off and I stepped right into his chest, in a moment I thought better of my next action and calmly asked him to lower his voice and discuss the situation with me. This statement seemed to confuse him for a couple seconds then he grabbed me by the throat. Within two or three seconds he was in hand-cuffs, and already being very appologetic. He didn't notice the two policemen that walked up behind him immediatly after I arrived on the scene. I informed the officers I would not be pursuing any charges, and they said they were going to hold him for a while and then fine him.
            The last I saw of him, he was being lead away with his wife right behind him yelling, "You always have to be the asshole don't you".       ........... dd/ord

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Dark Side 2