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Looking backward...

About us;

We are just a couple guys, that used to work for a major airline. We worked in areas such as customer service, security, air cargo, ramp operations, cabin service, operations, clerical, stores, and management.
Every day someone would regail us with a story about someone or something that went haywire the day before. Granted most of the time it was the passengers that went off the deep end, but occaisionaly it was the equipment, the weather, or the boss that messed up our daily routines.
Then one day our corporate boss told us that our jobs were secure, so you know what that meant. Thats right, less than a month later we were informed that they were closing our station. Some of our co-workers transfered to other stations, most of us because of our situations opted to temporarily leave the company, we had six years recall rights and felt it was time to try some other avenue. At least for a while.
Then along came Osama being a f*%!+#g idiot, and now we are praying our industry can survive, and hopefully prosper again. But for now 100,000 of our peers have been sent out into the street, and there is no place for us to return to.
So here is our other avenue, and our link to staying in touch with a job we loved, and sometimes hated. But always proud to have worked for the industry. Maybe someday we will again.

Thank You, from

Don't worry this station is not closing!

Your jobs are secure , this station is not closing. That is a rumor and it has no substance. Continue to perform your jobs as professionally as you always have, this station has a great reputation for taking care of our customers.

Words of wisdom from our corporate president, who came to visit us one month before they closed our station.


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