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Instructions Page

This page will walk you through the easy process of submiting your story to us.

We would like to accomodate as many stories as we can. Please limit yourself to no more than 500 words. Submitting a blurb of 25 words is also acceptable, although it would be a difficult story to tell.

As we bring more stories into the site the ones that have been displayed longest will be removed. As a matter of courtesy please don't use any proper names (no one wants a lawsuit). And at the end of your submission if you are comfortable doing so designate it as yours, i.e. al/dl/oma,  or simply your affiliation  ua/mke,  but if you don't want to, leave it unsigned. 

Please only submit stories to this site that either actually happened to you, or you were witness to the story as it happened. Please do not enter any story that you read or heard someplace, as we wish to keep the integrity of the stories in this site. And plagiarism is frowned upon, especially by the person who wrote the item. If anyone is aware that a story appearing in this site is taken from any other book or text, please advise us through the e-mail link below.   ............... Thank You

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Now here is all you do to submit your story.
Simply enter your story in the box below and send it to us.

Name, not required.
Email address, not required:
Your original story:

Simply enter your story in the box provided above. Or use the MSN hotmail system and click on the following link, (this address will work with any e-mail system). Label it "a new submission". We will lightly censor out a few and show the rest to the world.

If your story is too riskae you can still submit it, I will log them into our archives, and they may return again in another forum. Anyway I like the racey ones too.


Short stories are best. Jokes are always welcome. And send us your dark stories too.


Add us to your favorites, and come back often. Go to the title page, right click on the header, and add to favorites...........

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