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Destiche Property

About Us

Many people like to know about the company and individuals behind the property. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to increase the size of our property portfolio. We love property, buying, selling, renting, and just plain old making money from it. Our other objective is to be in business with you. So if you are involved with properties or you want to rent a quality living space, contact us.

Our People

Destiche Property LLC has a limited staff, the owners, a staff realtor, a real estate attorney, unit management specialist, and maintenance crew. So far this tight group has sucessfuly handled any situation and structuring that has faced us. There is no immediate plan to extend our group but we always keep an open mind.

Our Company

Currently we deal in residential properties, but soon we will extend our reach to include commercial properties as well. As a company and as individuals we take pride in the quality of properties that are represented in our portfolio, and adding commercial properties to our list will please us greatly. Watch this site for further information, we will post it as soon as available.

Beach House
We have Florida property also.

For further information, contact us at;