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A Note on Notes

Destiche Property

On this page we will discuss our philosophy toward property. Plain and simple, WE LOVE PROPERTY.  We love to buy property, sell property, manage property, upgrade and improve property. We  get satisfaction in successfuly concluding a note deal, where someone recieves a cash settlement for their note, instead of having to collect small payments month after month, on property they no longer want anything to do with.

Rental Properties
If you are in need of comfortable, quality, living space, and you prefer to rent. We would prefer to rent to you. Fill out our online application, and we will contact you with a selection of fine clean living spaces. At very reasonable rates.  

Field and Pink House

Real Estate Notes
You sold a property, in the process you took back a note for part of it, and now you don't want to collect that monthly payment anymore. We definatly can help. Fill out our online information sheet. We will rapidly get back to you with a bonafide generous offer.

Sold Sign

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Investment Properties 

Tan Colonial House - Small

We are always interested in investment properties. Whether you want to sell a property or are looking to purchase an investment property of your own, simply fill out our online questionaire and we will happily do all we can to accomodate you.

Compass Property, We want to be in business with you!