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Welcome to airlinehumor.com! But its not all fun, checkout the dark side.

Humor Page 1

Dark Side 1

I haven't been here in a while, but I will check the inbound messages. If there are new stories, I promise to add them right away. But I need to hear from you!
Submission box is on instruction page, along with email directions.
                                              Thank You
I open the site to anyone, general public also, tell us your story, funny or otherwise.


This is a site for everyone, airline employees, customer service, pilots, flight attendants, ramp personel (incl cargo), as well as the clerical group and reservations and the public at large.
It is a place for you to record for a brief period of time, your humorous stories, and your dark stories too. The stories can be about the flying public stumbling through their daily travels, about your co-workers performing their jobs so efficiently, even your bosses latest goof-up, or that screamer you had that made you go into the back room and punch a wall, or break into tears. Send us your story, if it is presentable (we'll be the judge) we will upload it into the site. Where your peers can sign in and see themselves, or the passenger they had yesterday in all their glory.

Thank you for visiting airlinehumor.com. We encourage you to pass along our website address to any other airline personel you know. Visit us often, as our stories will change as often as new submissions permit. Feel free to submit as many stories as you wish. All submissions will become property of airlinehumor.com           .....Thank You.....

747 taking off; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Takeoffs are fun.

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